All members of the group are asked to contribute termly subs payments. As of the Summer Term 2016 our subscriptions have been set by the exectuive at £45 per term, per member.

These subscriptions cover the cost of Headquarters, County and District membership fees, meeting night costs and the general overheads of running the group.

The group uses Online Scout Manager (OSM) to manage the majority of our administration including payment of subscriptions. Upon joining or changing section you will receive and invitation to this system with full instructions. The system will then manage all payments via the built in “Go Cardless” including payment reminders as necessary.

As of April 2016 any payments made through any other pre existing system will be considered donations to the group.

Subs are due at the start of each term. As a voluntary organisation with no external funding, we rely on prompt payments in order to manage our cashflow and continue to fund our fun filled programme.

There is a £5 late payment fee if subs have not been paid within 4 weeks of being due.

In addition to these subscriptions there will be an additional cost for some camps, events, trips and resources which will always be notified in advance and costs always kept to a minimum.