Waitrose Community Matters Update

Having been selected recently for the Waitrose Community Matters Scheme we are pleased to say we have received a donation of £175.

Our thanks to Waitrose Supermarket, all that contributed and supported our efforts by voting and our Chairman Bally for organising.

The money will be split between the continuing upgrade of our camping equipment and supporting one of our Scouts fundraising efforts for the Swedish Jamboree next year.

Waitrose Comunity Matters

Dear All,

We have been selected by the Waitrose in Muswell Hill for their Community Matter scheme, this is the green tokens you get at the till and vote for a charity to recieve funds from Waitrose. So we would like you to vote for us each time you visit Waitrose and encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do the same.

We plan to use the money to increase and update our camping equipment and support one of our scouts to go an international camp next year.

So please remember to pick up a token every time you shop buy a snack, coffee or newspaper and vote for us!

Thanks for your continued support.

9th Muswell Hill

Sainsbury’s vouchers are back

Calling all parents and friends!
9th Muswell Hill  Scout Group needs you to collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.

It’s Sainsbury’s Active Kids time!

I’m pleased to tell you that we are taking part in Sainsbury’s Active Kids again this year. This represents an excellent opportunity for us to acquire extra equipment that we may not usually be able to provide for the Group.

A brief re-cap of how Sainsbury’s Active Kids works

From 9th February to 31st May 2011, you’ll receive one AKV for every £10 you spend at any main Sainsbury store or every £5 you spend in Sainsbury’s Locals or Centrals. You can also earn AKVs at Sainsbury’s petrol stations and when you shop online at

Please help us make this year even better!

Active Kids enabled us to claim lots of excellent things – at no extra cost to us. This year, we’ve got our eye on more things that’ll be invaluable to us. (I am looking at getting a parachute ! That’s a lot of vouchers!) Take a look at the online catalogue, at, to make suggestions of your own to us!

So please don’t forget to claim your AKVs – and make sure they reach us! Better still, it would be fantastic if you could urge your friends, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else you can think of to collect AKVs as well.

Every voucher counts – and we’ll make use of every one!

9th Muswell Hill 100 Club

We have just launched our own  “100 club”.  Would you like to help the group raise funds and at the same time have the chance of receiving a monthly cash prize? The draw takes place monthly from April to March and you have a chance of winning prizes.  50% of the pot will be divided up for the the prizes 30% (1st), 15%( 2nd) and 5%  (3rd) witht he other 50% being paid into the groups fundraising account

So as you can see the more numbers we sell the greater the prize will be

If you would like to find out more visit 100 club Fundraiser page