By using Shop2Fundraise when doing your online shopping, 9th Muswell Hill can get a donation from hundreds of internet shops (all the big ones and many small ones) without any additional costs of complications… you don’t even need to register, fill in extra forms etc.

Click above to see the 9th Muswell Hill “Shop 2 Fundraise” Home Page

Just click the big advert on the right, then search the shop that you are buying from. It then sorts out all the payments etc.  Why not bookmark our page for next time? Use it as a portal to shop through?  It’s just an extra click or two and 9th Muswell Hill receive a donation.

Never miss an opportunity

Download and install the toolbar and it will make sure that you never miss a chance to donate to the 9th Muswell Hill cause and often offers you bargains and deals from the shops you visit.

Click here to get the toolbar

Please consider supporting this venture as it can add up to be a substantial donation. With such a large group and online shopping (including food stores, large retailers and online suppliers) becoming so much more popular this schemes offers a great opportunity with minimal extra effort required.