Joining the Adventure – Adults

Opportunities Available

The great thing about Scouting is volunteering to help is always about what you can do not what you can’t, so there is certain to be a role for you. Believe it or not you don’t even need to camp if you prefer not to! You don’t even have to work with children to be a volunteer for Scouting.

We appreciate that some adults will be able to offer only a few hours once a year whilst other may feel able to help for several hours each week. Equally some adults prefer to work directly with the young people whilst others may prefer more of a background role.

Here are examples of the roles we have in our Scout Group – but if you don’t see anything you like on the list do contact us with your ideas


Please note all adults volunteering with our Scout Group are required to complete an adult application form (which includes CRB / ISA checks).

If you are considering a uniformed role please follow this link to  see more information about the training and support available, but do note the training is of an “NVQ style” and you have up to 3 years to complete it!

How much does it cost to become an adult volunteer?

We are keen that playing an active role in scouting should not cost our adult volunteers financially. As a Scout Group we pay the annual membership fee, all training costs, expenses and a set of uniform where appropriate (activity trousers, long sleeved uniform shirt, badges, necker and a Group polo or t-shirt). For all our routine overnight /weekend camps and sleepovers we do not expect adult volunteers to pay, although there may be costs due for larger events such as going abroad (e.g. flights )or for a week or more in the UK (perhaps a contribution for food).

So what are you waiting for?

Simply use the “Contact Us” option above to get in touch!

We look forward to hearing from you